Thursday, September 25, 2008

Au Nom de la Rose

Au Nom de la Rose offers his wonderful roses for testing to Sampleplaza visitors.
The French fleurist with one of his shop close to Sampleplaza on Dongping road is expecting feedback on his high quality flowers.
Modern roses are a hybrid of ancient roses and tea plants. The result is a magnificient rose that is more resistant to diseases and last longer once it’s been cut. Typically more than five days. They are also characterised by a very large number of colours available and a large number of composition bouquet's.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ring Ring!

Facinating Shanghai becoming world of fashion and seeing the arrival of young trendy designers, Sampleplaza is the perfect plateform to welcome fashion items.

Dutch juwels designer Bastiaan van Barten introduces for the first time outside Europe a set out of his wide collection: the"ring my bell" range. We are talking about plastic rings but still very design and trendy fashion items.

" Gold is the colour of China however I am not working this material which I find from another age. The most difficult thing is to make from rubber and plastic magnificient objects of beauty, so I wanted to know what people in China would think about my collection. I decided to give a ring to Sampleplaza members as a gift but also a test for me. They provided me important information on design and color. So now I still have some work to do before I get 100% into this market but I gain an unestimated amount of time".
Bastiaan will launch his series of rings, earings and also accessoires in 2009

Music in Sampleplaza!

Now Sampleplaza is not only a single place for taking samples away. Next to fashion, cosmetics, and other product events we receive the visit of Mickey D a celebrity in Chinese guitar world.

For those who are hanging around Jinling lu music stores you may have met Mickey and his friend John
Both made us the surprise last saturday 20 september to be at Sampleplaza for almost 3 hours.
Mickey D was as great as usual interpreting many of his songs and some classic covers. The ex leader of the band The Silence was very glad to perform in the modern showroom with " a sound that can be equal to one of my favorite concert hall in London" . Well, Sampleplaza was not build for making concerts but this is a good news for future events which involve musical performance.
Mickey D will be back now and then at Sampleplaza. Keep in touch and for those who could not make it he is preparing a solo album which will be release in China this winter,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New products are here!

Lucido-L Wax Hair from Japan has arrived at Sampleplaza. Dare to try it!

Bring colors in your life and wax your hair with this new small round wonder.

Sonia Rykiel 2008 product for the first time in China,

If you pass by the on shop testing products you will be able to test this " fond de teint" from Sonia Rykiel from this year collection. what is a fashion designer is now targetting also the cosmetics industry with high end facial care. This imported product is an online testing sample only but it is worth try it on the shop as the unique piece in China.

Fruity lipstick are worth 3 points. so come and take one. Many flavours are available with this original Austrian product from BaboK made of natual plants from Alps.
The company has also invented other kinds of flavour cosmetics for very young girls.

Helena Rubinstein Wanted Eyes palette
has arrived from USA for Sampleplaza.
A special sending before the product will be launched.
Light, refine & gentle eye color powder Makes the eyes look shiny & bright Colors are unleashed. In Shop testing only

Chanson d' Air fragances by Coty in 4 different smell available from this week.
You test the singing (chanson means song in French)Fragances distributed in North and East Europe as the best suitable Eau de toilette for young women from 15-25 years old.
scent strength: subtlescent
life: 1-5 hours
recommended use: casual
recommended age: young
classification: flowery

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Interview of the week: Sampleplaza " vampire"!

Today we meet Lily Zao, a member of Sampleplaza.

Lily is 24 years old and live in Shanghai. She works as secretary for Human Resources big IT American company.

We decided to ask her some questions about Sampleplaza. She will tell us her first impression what she likes and dislikes about this new concept.

SP Blog: Lily Ni Hao, welcome to Sampleplaza. How is your english?

Lily: So-so but I would like to learn more english so it is OK.

SP Blog: Lily, how did you discover Sampleplaza?

Lily: I am member for3 weeks already. Sampleplaza is new, maybe one month old and I heard from a colleague that I could also become member. I though 100 RMB was worth trying. I came already three times. It is convenient from my work as Sampleplaza is close to metro line 1. Also there is nothing in the same idea in China.

SP Blog: Did you know that if you invite 5 friends to Sampleplaza you can get an nice present, something like a fragance from France or a moisturizer from Japan?

Lily: No sorry I didn' t know that...maybe I should tell that to my colleague.

SP Blog: So far do you like Sampleplaza?

Lily: Honestly at the beginning I though that would be difficult to understand the rules. Now I am enjoying coming because I can try some products from abroad that I cannot find in a shopping mall.

Last week I tried an expensive cream from Sonya Rickel.I checked on internet because I really liked that cream.

SP Blog: What do you dislike or hate?

Lily: I don' t like having only 5 credits per visit. Sometimes I would like to take away more samples but I am limited and have to make choices. I don't like to choose.

SP Blog: What would you recommend to people who are not members yet?

Lily: To become members then! (laugh) and to come with no make-up. When I go to Sampleplaza I come out with the best make up on my face and some nice fragance smell.(laugh).Seriously I would recommend them to check carefully for new valuable samples...I mean the one that everybody wants because before you know it they are all gone!Last time I was lucky to get a WineFragance bottle. I just love it. The bottle looks so cool that I am thinking about making a lamp out of the empty bottle. I am starting to become a Sampleplaza Vampire (laugh)

SP Blog: what would you like to see on Sampleplaza?

Lily: Discount for Shops, like showing your card and getting 10 or 20% discount in various brands shop.

SP blog: I know this is going to happen but I cannot tell yet in which shop you will be able to get discount. We will post the news in Sampleplaza blog when we know it. For now there are some coupons for beauty salons for the members. Thanks for your time Lily

Lily: Thanks mister Sampleplaza (laugh)

Pocari Sweat is sweet!

If you come across hundreds of bottle of Pocari Sweat on the Sampleplaza you may think that this is a new product. Maybe it is in China but it exists since 1980 in Japan and also for many years in other countries of Asia like Indonesia where it is a popular drink as well.

Pocari, means "like a cloud floating in the sky" or "a situation in which a cloud is floating in the sky" in Japanese, and has a connotation of lightness.

You don' t get fat drinking it, you just ionize your body and go faster to the toilet. Sounds good!

Pocari Sweat is hitting stronly China advertizement world.

The bottle is not a cheap product but certainly a good healthy body revitalizer. try it anytime at the SP.

Picture: A380 airbus Pocari Sweat added.

Wine Fragance what is this drink??

You may have seen it for the first time at the opening of Sampleplaza on the 22nd of July. Wine Fragance from QB drinks.

It is a special sparkling wine which combines tradional bubble wine with different fragance taste.
It is available in white (Bubble Luxure), rose (Pink & Amor) or red wine (Red Decadence).
This bottle isd not yet available in China but can be order on request at Sampleplaza.
For now you can still keep 4 credits of your next visit and aquire one of these bottles and showing it to your friends.
One tips: come on the week end. stock is very limited.